Nothing can tell you more about than the analysis of your customers calls. You can utilise your day to day communications not just to generate new business, but also gain insight about customer satisfaction, customer churn, competitive intelligence, service issues and agent performance (both in performance and compliance.) However, the sheer amount of inbound and outbound calls going through a contact centre day to day makes it impossible to manually analyse every call.

In the case of MaxContact’s speech analytics tool, there are a few key features that work powerfully to identify not only the areas mentioned above but some unique features that help identify cross selling points in calls and the most effective opening and closing lines. This helps our clients create standardised scripts and helps them guide their agents to creating a powerful sales monologue and provide the best possible service for customers.

The MaxContact tool also helps translate this information so not only are dedicated managers able to view the results of their overall calls, the agents themselves can gain a better understanding of their performance.

This type of software, used to only be available to your blue-chip companies, the ones that could invest hundreds of thousands at a time for the most expensive equipment on the market.

Those days are long gone, it is now an affordable product and more advanced than ever, we feel we are at the forefront of cutting edge.

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