One of the main lessons for businesses from the events of 2020 is the value of flexibility and preparedness, and that applies as much to contact centres as any other business environment.

While many business interruptions are isolated events – a fire or flood, or a break-in – this year so far has been different, with conditions changing rapidly on an ongoing basis.

The companies that emerge relatively unscathed at the end of this crisis will be those who were able to adapt to those changing conditions, repeatedly, in real-time and with a minimum of lag time.

But you are not alone in deciding how to respond to these unprecedented times. Contact centre solutions like MaxContact put flexible features and customisable configuration at your fingertips for rapid redeployment of resources.

Permissions and compliance

A challenge of the current climate is the changing availability of key employees, with a higher level of absence not always due to illness, but also due to individuals self-isolating as part of an affected household.

With MaxContact you can quickly adjust users’ permission levels. That means if you need to temporarily grant permissions to an interim manager, you can do so to ensure your business operations can continue as normal.

Similarly if someone is temporarily working from a less secure internet connection, you might want to reduce some of their more sensitive permissions levels, so that they can continue to work.

MaxContact audits any changes made to the system for compliance purposes, but also to give peace of mind to you and your clients at a time when avoiding unnecessary stress is high on the agenda.

Scalability on demand

No matter how big or small your team may be, MaxContact can manage your available resources effectively, starting from sites with as few as six users and scaling up to over 1,000.

Configuration is granular and there are no artificial limits imposed, so you can create as many campaigns as you wish, in response to your own goals, your clients’ requests, or new opportunities that may emerge in the rapidly changing current markets.

If you’re keen to learn about new features that you might not have needed in the past, MaxContact’s webinars are the perfect starting point, so you can unlock even more potential from your contact centre software when you need it more than ever.

And with intelligent design across all of our interfaces, we give you intuitive control panels that work exactly the way you want them to, making it even easier to get to grips with more advanced configuration options.

Find out more

This year has already been extremely challenging for many businesses all over the world, but however severely your industry has been affected, it’s important to be ready to compete in the months to come.

Find out more about how MaxContact can help you, from rapid deployment and ongoing training, to flexible reconfiguration and comprehensive auditing. Contact us today and we will be happy to help with any enquiries you might have.