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Industry Insights

06 Jul 2022

Proactive customer service: what it is and why you need it

In 2022, customers have an infinity of choice. In nearly every category of product or service, an alternative to your brand or business (and usually several) is only ever a Google away. At the same time, consumers have never been so prepared to switch provider or supplier, because switching has never been so simple. They’re...

Industry Insights

20 May 2022

6 ways to deal with difficult customers

It sometimes feels like we live in an angry age. It certainly feels that way to customer-facing staff, who have been subject to a growing torrent of abuse since the start of the pandemic. In fact, according to the Institute of Customer Service, 60% of customer-facing staff have experienced hostility from customers since early 2020,...

Industry Insights

05 May 2022

How to support your customer service staff during the cost-of-living crisis

The pressure on customers is well-documented, but service staff need the full support of their business and guidance from their leaders during these difficult times too. The harsh reality of working within a customer-facing role is the abuse you may receive, sometimes on a daily basis. Physical or verbal abuse towards shop workers and call centre agents...

Industry Insights

17 Nov 2021

Why choosing a small ISV makes perfect business sense

In the 1970s, big players in the burgeoning computer industry coined the phrase FUD. It stands for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, and it’s what behemoths like IBM tried to sow in the minds of customers in relation to plucky young upstarts like Microsoft and Apple. It’s fair to say that the FUD strategy didn’t work...

Industry Insights

15 Nov 2021

How to reduce staff churn

They’re calling it the “Great Resignation”, a new wave that, since the pandemic, has seen more employees considering switching jobs or even changing careers altogether. For many, Covid-19 proved a watershed moment. Lockdown gave them time to re-evaluate their lives and – in some cases – they came to the conclusion that where they are right...

Industry Insights

27 Sep 2021

One in five firms admit to using secret spy software

Remote working has presented various challenges over the past 18 months. From adapting to working alone, to trying to create a work life balance when your workspace is suddenly in your living room. For managers, it’s also presented new challenges in terms of how to manage a workforce remotely, keeping staff motivated and morale high....


13 Sep 2021

How to serve vulnerable customers

As the cost of living crisis continues and bills continue to soar, contact centres are facing an increase in vulnerable customers who are seeking support. Now more than ever, it’s crucial that these customers are able to easily receive the correct support and that contact centre teams are prepared for potentially difficult and distressing conversations....

Industry Insights

12 Aug 2021

Complaints at an all-time high – here’s what to do about them

Customer satisfaction is intrinsically linked to strong business performance. In today’s world, customers have more power than ever and are able to share their experience with your business in a variety of ways – from online reviews to social media and beyond. This is great, if they’re talking about your organisation in a positive light,...

Industry Insights

29 Jul 2021

Stop it, we’re sick of the ‘Covid’ excuse

Since March 2020, how many times have you heard ‘due to Covid, we can’t do x, y and z’ or ‘there’s a delay due to Covid’? More than a handful, we bet, and over a year on, the excuse is starting to wear thin. Whilst Covid and its restrictions have seriously impacted people and businesses, UK consumers are fed up with brands STILL using Covid as an excuse for poor...

Industry Insights

19 Jul 2021

Struggling to focus at work? It could be ‘pandemic brain’

Not feeling as sharp as you were back in early 2020? You’re not alone. ‘Pandemic brain’ is affecting our productivity and ability to concentrate at work, and it doesn’t seem to be going away even with the easing of restrictions. Just a few weeks ago we saw dating app Bumble close their office for a week to...

Industry Insights

14 Jul 2021

Are white lies holding British businesses back?

We don’t mean to offend but you’re probably a bit of a liar. We’re not singling you out though: most of us tell a whopper or two every now and then. But in this case, we’re not talking about covering up the fact that you ate the last biscuit (is that just us?) or forgot to put the...

Industry Insights

11 Feb 2021

Top tips to improve your contact centre performance this year

As the main or only point of contact with many customers, contact centre performance fundamentally drives the business bottom line.  So how do you make sure yours is working as effectively as it can? MaxContact’s Product Owner, Sean McIver – who has worked on the contact centre front line – says it’s a mix of...

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