Streamlined call centre operations are the watchword for the second half of 2020 and beyond, as industries and economies return to higher levels of activity.

In recent weeks we’ve looked at the ways cloud contact centres can allow you to operate remotely, with more staff based at home or elsewhere.

This will remain important in the weeks and months to come, as changes in the social distancing rules affect the number of employees you can have on-site at any one time.

But as more and more sectors start to open back up, running an efficient contact centre is a way to reduce operating costs and target growth without spending more.

It’s about more than just flexible working – it’s about having a scalable and adaptable call centre, ready to respond to changing conditions and maximise revenues as work rates rise.

How MaxContact can help

At MaxContact we don’t sit still. We listen to our customer base, the people who use our cloud call centre solutions day in, day out. And we act on suggestions and constructive feedback.

That means that as markets change, we are ready to develop new features that work intuitively, on a tight schedule, and rigorously tested before deployment.

Our APIs mean you can also integrate MaxContact with your current CRM software – something over 80% of our customers do to some extent – which again ensure seamless and intuitive operation.

MaxContact uses OData, the Open Data Protocol, with RESTful APIs that can be accessed via HTTP internet protocols – it’s even compatible with mobile apps.

Why does this matter?

All of this adds up to a contact centre solution that is intuitive at first use, scalable and responsive over time, and easily customisable to meet your specific needs.

We work with our clients on custom developments, including automation of repetitive, labour-intensive and time-consuming tasks for immediate and massive efficiency gains.

Ultimately, MaxContact aims to make your contact centre more productive, while also making it more resilient, with more staff able to work from home and other locations if the office is unavailable or already operating at current capacity.

This increases call contact time, improves outcomes, and generates a higher value of new business leads.

At a time when many sectors and local economies will remain uncertain for the foreseeable future, we allow you to do more with fewer resources and less spending – so you can grow as your local market activity resumes.

Find out more

A streamlined call centre is a powerful tool in an economic recovery – make sure your contact centre is running as efficiently as possible during 2020 and beyond, with the help of MaxContact.

To find out more about our cloud contact centre solutions, true hosted call centres or custom development opportunities, get in touch with MaxContact today.

We welcome all enquiries, whether you just want to ask us a question or you’ve already decided you’re interested in setting up a MaxContact-powered call centre within your business.

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