A UK call centre is a preference for some companies and an essential for others, and there are plenty of different reasons why you might want or need to base your contact centre in the UK.

Just a few examples of why this might be the case include:

  • English-language fluency to discuss difficult subjects without any problems.
  • First-hand experience of a UK-specific niche market or UK laws/regulations.
  • Businesses in regulated sectors where data must remain within UK borders.

There are also reasons why you might choose to host your call centre abroad. But once you’ve settled on setting up a UK contact centre, the next decision is where exactly to locate it.

The Location of Labour

One way to narrow down the geographical location for a new UK call centre is to look at the availability of labour in the local area.

Professor Yehuda Baruch from the University of Southampton pointed to regional differences in an article in the journal Study of the Organization and Human Resource Quarterly.

“In the UK, unless the payment is at the minimum legal wage rate, there will be differences across areas,” the professor wrote. “Scotland offers a better deal on these grounds.”

The north-south divide remains a factor in this, with Scotland and the north of England generally offering more affordable premises, as well as a cheaper human workforce.

Availability and Unemployment

Local unemployment means more potential personnel in the area, and Professor Baruch suggested looking to the UK’s cities to check the availability of employees.

“Unemployment level is another factor to consider in choosing within the UK,” the article stated, “and cities with high unemployment rates are attractive locations for establishing new call centres.”

This again has cost implications, as greater availability of employees can help to keep down the cost of finding, hiring and retaining call centre agents who have relevant experience, qualifications and general aptitude in their role.

Working From Home

An alternative to a single physical call centre in the UK is to use a cloud-based contact centre like MaxContact True Hosted, to enable your call operators to work from home.

This unlocks access to talented labour right across the UK. You can hire in the north even if your business is based in the south, or recruit from multiple cities when suitable personnel are available.

Of course there are also cost benefits by reducing your overheads, as you don’t need to provide physical call centre facilities for those agents who log on from home.

Domestic Data Sovereignty

Finally, if the physical location of cloud-based data is a concern for you due to working in a tightly regulated sector, MaxContact can provide peace of mind.

Our Data Sovereignty feature means we can guarantee the geographical location of your data, not only for your UK call centres, but also for offices in other countries around the world.

This gives you the best of both worlds: an agile, scalable True Hosted call centre with a flexible home-based workforce, but also close and compliant control over where your data is hosted, transmitted and stored, so your new UK contact centre stays within UK borders at all times.