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What is an outbound dialler?

Whether you’re looking to supercharge sales, streamline debt collection, or elevate customer service, the right outbound dialler can redefine how you connect and communicate. So, continue reading to learn more about outbound diallers and discover the potential they hold for your contact centre’s success.

What is outbound dialling?

Put simply, outbound dialling is the process of making calls to customers or contacts, typically for sales or marketing purposes. 

While outbound dialling can be performed manually on a mobile or business phone, this is not practical when dealing with a high volume of calls. A range of additional features can enhance outbound calling in a contact centre setting through the use of an outbound dialler.

What does an outbound dialler do?

An outbound dialler is generally a cloud or software solution that automatically makes calls on behalf of your sales, collection or customer service teams. As such, it’s an essential ingredient in any organisation where you need to make outbound calls to clients and prospects throughout the day.

What are the different types of dialler?

What are the different types of dialler? Predictive diallers, progressive diallers and preview diallers.

Predictive dialling

What is it? When most people think of outbound dialling software, they tend to think of predictive dialling. Predictive dialling places calls based on the software’s predictions of agent availability. It dials multiple numbers simultaneously, so that when agents finish one call they can be instantly connected to the next.

What are the benefits? The best predictive diallers minimise abandoned calls (and the amount of time customers spend on hold) and maximise the time your agents spend having conversations.

When should I use it? Predictive dialling is the standard for straightforward, high volume sales campaigns (like commodity sales) or debt collection activity.

Progressive dialler

What is it? Progressive diallers are predictive diallers that slow the pace down by only dialling a number when an agent is available to take the call. Dialling is instant and automatic, so the system still allows for a relatively high number of calls. 

What are the benefits? Progressive dialling eliminates the risk of customers abandoning calls or waiting a frustratingly long time before being connected to an agent. Because an agent is always available, the customers you have painstakingly nurtured over a period of time feel valued and important.

When should I use it? It is often used in campaigns that target current customers. It’s a low risk option that can improve customer experience and effectively help agents upsell additional products and services.

Preview dialler

What is it? A preview dialler takes the pace down another notch. When an agent indicates availability, information about the next call is sent to the agent for preview. After a set amount of time – say, one minute – the number is automatically dialled. This delay lets the agent prepare for the call, using information typically taken from the company CRM system – which are often integrated into the dialler. 

What are the benefits? Agents can have more in-depth, focused conversations, based on a customer’s real experiences and challenges. It can improve customer experience and increase the number of positive outcomes.

When should I use it? Preview diallers are particularly helpful when the reason for the call is complex or sensitive. For example, following up with web leads or dealing with customer complaint calls.   

Explore the three dialler modes in more detail >

What other outbound features do I need?

As well as the option to choose the right dialling mode for your outbound communications, there are other contact centre-specific features that you should look out for when choosing an outbound dialling solution, including:

  • PCI compliant payment manager; Take PCI-compliant payments through an IVR or via payment links.
  • Data segmentation & prioritisation: Improve the chance of campaign success.
  • Answer Machine Detection (AMD): Reduce time lost to voicemail with AMD.
  • Blend inbound & outbound: Flexibility to suit your contact centre needs.
  • Live reporting: Get full visibility of campaign and team performance.

These features allow your agents to automatically focus on the right contacts, cut out inefficient work and spend more time focusing on the outcomes your business needs.

Delve deeper into the 5 must-have features you need in your outbound call centre here >

What are the use cases for an outbound dialler?

Outbound diallers can be integrated into many industries. Any company with an outbound contact centre who are making high volume phone calls can benefit from outbound dialler software.

Power up your sales teams

Use cases for outbound diallers in contact centres for sales teams

The right outbound dialler can make selling straightforward by helping to connect your sales people to the right customers at the right time. Combined with the contact centre-specific features mentioned earlier, it can offer powerful tools for contacting customers, winning business and exceeding customer expectations.

Increase debt collection rates

Use cases for an outbound dialler - debt and credit collection teams

Your credit and debt resolution teams can use effective targeting to reach priority customers at times that suit them. Maximise collection rates using advanced data segmentation and encourage self-serve with automated communications. Automate payments with self-serve options providing customers choice and improving satisfaction.

Elevate your customer service teams

Use cases for an outbound dialler - customer service teams

When your team is on top of inbound calls and interactions and have time to spare, they can be proactively dialling customers and delivering exceptional customer service with an outbound dialler

What are the benefits of an outbound dialler?

  1. Increase team efficiency with automated dialling: This allows your agents to make a far higher volume of calls than would otherwise be possible. Your outbound dialler can dial numbers and screen for unanswered calls and voicemails, and will only connect to an agent when a real person answers the phone. 
  1. Easily prioritise data for better campaign performance: So if you know you have more success speaking to clients who have retired between the hours of 10am and 12pm and those who are at work after 5pm, you have the power to control your data strategies, allowing you to focus on those that are most likely to result in a positive outcome, at the right time.
  1. Supercharge sales and debt collection rates: Great outbound dialler software can help take the manual work out of your contact centre teams. our outbound dialler platform’s intuitive features help you contact the right people, at the right time, through their preferred channel.
  1. Flexibility that meets the needs of your business: Modern cloud and software diallers can be tweaked to help you achieve different results. Different diallers (or dialler modes) can be adopted by different teams (or individual agents) with contrasting functions, whether that’s late payment collection, contract renewals, new sales, post-sales service or anything else.

Enhance outbound customer communications with the right dialler

With features designed to prioritise data, optimise sales, streamline debt collection, and elevate customer service, the potential for transformative impact is undeniable. Whether you’re connecting with prospects, nurturing existing relationships, or resolving intricate issues, an outbound dialler can help you succeed. 

So, embrace the power of AI-driven technology, harness the flexibility of diverse dialler modes, and elevate your outbound communications with MaxContact. Book a demo today to find out more.

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